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The most celebrated gay fetish event in the world

We are planning the next hot event.

You want to get informed when the next event is happening? 

The Scandal Story

HustlaBall is an international erotic dance party taking place every year in multiple cities around the world. From New York to Berlin, Tel Aviv, and of course Las Vegas and London

HustlaBalli is not a circuit party. We define ourselves as a sex-positive inclusive dance party. We want to create a safe space for you to express yourself in a safe and welcome environment. 

We proud ourselves to differentiate musically by bringing into the LGBTQI scene, fresh and different sounds, from tech house, house, melodic techno, all the way to downtempo and experimental house. 

HustlaBall is proud to come back to  Las Vegas and London bringing an incredible weekend of music, lust, sex and incerdible good energy 

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