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The Horse-Fair​

The original "Fickstutenmarkt" from Berlin

Location will be send to Ticketholders

The Mares

  • The mares will present them self at the Venue entrance between 3:30 and 4:30 PM

  • The mares are completely naked (harness, jockstrap, chaps, cockring, socks and wrist wraps are allowed) Footwear is required.

  • The mares have a good hygiene (anal rinsed).

  • The mares will be offered a hood.

  • The stable master will escort the mares to the playroom where they will be prepared for the stallions.

  • The mares are kept blindfolded until the end of the game 

  • Whenever a mare needs a drink, a pee or cigarette, they can call a stable master. He will bring the mare to mares resting room. The time of this break is limited.​


  • Blindfolds/masks are kept on during the entire game.

  • Sexual acts between mares are prohibited.

  • Mares cannot refuse a stallion.

The Stallions

  • The stallions will present themselves at the darkroom entrance between 4:45 and 5:30PM. The regular dress code applies.

  • The stallions take their time to look, feel and discuss the quality of the mares.

  • Once a mare is chosen, it can be taken at will.


  • Sexual acts between stallions are prohibited.

  • Hoods may not be removed from the mares.

  • When a mare indicates a break is needed, this will be respected by the stallion.

  • Kissing/sucking with a mare is only allowed when explicitly indicated by the mare itself. It cannot be forced.

  • Aggressive acts towards the mares is forbidden.

In General

  • The stable masters have the right to check if the safe-sex preference is respected.

  • Infriction of one of the above rules give the stable master the right to give a penalty. This goes from expulsion of the game for several minutes, until removal from HustlaBall.

  • Mares or Stallions under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be removed from the game.

  • During the game, no role switch of mare/Stallion is possible.

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