Sponsors HustlaBall Berlin


HustlaBall Berlin was a smash hit, according to reports streaming in from Europe!  Hundreds of revelers packed into the world-famous Kit Kat Club for this penultimate event.  It was an erotic smorgasbord of monumental proportions. was proud to sponsor this one-of-a-kind Euro-party.


“We got a lot of television and print of coverage of HustlaBall!” exclaims’s Tom Weise, organizer of the spectacle.  TV-Berlin produced a live report from the Kit Kat Club.  German television network RTL-Vox was also on-hand, preparing a segment for their show Wa(h)re Liebe, which loosely translates as True Love.


The irrepressible Chi Chi La Rue was mistress of ceremonies, accompanied by a bevy of her incredible boys of porn.  Included in the show were Matthew Rush, Michael Lucas, Carlos Morales, Aiden Shaw, Michael Brandon, Nino Bacci, Tony Serrano and many, many others.


In freewheeling Germany, sexual attitudes are far more relaxed than in the staid United States.  So, the evening’s entertainment featured lascivious displays of erotic depravity unrivaled here in the States.